lithium bats


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people: any of youz try one in any of your toys? The bat. in my bike just died and was thinking about it.
Oh yeah!
Spent about $200 on one for my go fast HD street bike, and love it! It has 11+ to 1 comp ratio, big bore kit, etc. and the lithium spins it over like you wouldn't believe!
It is smaller in size, lighter, and has more CCAmps than the bat in my T!
Thinking about putting one in the T when I install the alky kit next week. I'll have lots of room where the stock battery goes!
I had heard about Li Batts for years and never took them seriously until a diesel powered dually stalled in our drive, and another customer came out with an emergency start battery that was the size of an old VHS tape, with two big battery clamps on it.
I laughed my ass off, up until it started that diesel right up! I have had one in each of my vehicles since then.
The good ones have an internal charging regulator and a charge indicator built in.
hello people: What was the make of that bat. in your HD? thanks
Anti Gravity.
It's 6" tall and 7"x 3 1/2". It weighs about 5 or 6 lbs! And cold cranking is either 680 or 720 AMPS!
I'll have room for it, the new overflow, and the alky pump where the regular battery lived, and save a bunch of weight!
They are very popular with the chopper and drag bike builders, as they are much smaller for the same CCamps, and you can mount them on their side or upside down!
Also, I have NEVER, EVER, taken a hollow "display" automotive battery, and put a baby Li battery inside of it and had room for a 2 or 3 lb. Nitrous tank and solenoid on a street race "sleeper," NEVER! EVER!
But, I AM considering putting my Alky controls pump in there, just to keep my under hood look "cleaner."


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hello people: I heard good things about those and a brand called Shorai. I have not figured out what I'm going to do yet. I love the idea of less weight but because of the size I'll need spcers. I would be in a 77 FXE and the bat. is all in the open.
Been running the antigravity for years now.
I've had nothing but a good experience from cold to hot conditions.
Didnt even charge through the winter car fired right up and you can monitor through the app on the phone.
I'm running that battery in my car, weighs 4.5 lbs. I've since cleaned up the wires.


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I bought an odessey AGM batt for 300.....was told they last for........ever.
Trubble is, the damn thing has to weigh at least 80lbs.
But it is in the trunk.

I've used this one in my bike since 2013. The first one did not fare well & was replaced on a pro-rated warranty. The second one has endured so far. Do not overcharge/over-voltage them. Some early motorcycles over voltage & they melted/caught on fire. Buy an LI battery tender.

This battery removed about 8+# of high positioned weight from my bike.

I'm running that battery in my car, weighs 4.5 lbs. I've since cleaned up the wires.
Interested in how you mounted the battery.

I remember a post a few years back, but don't recall who the OP was.
It's the ATX20. 680cca. $287 on Amazon. Simple install. Made a shelf, made a hold down bar, got screw retained top posts and side post conversion.


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