little water leak at the trunk corners


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Mar 1, 2004
I noticed that on my GN at the front corners of the trunk on the wheel wells that it looks like some water has been dripping. (light orange rusty water :eek: )

it seems to be seeping through the seam there below the trunk lid, but outside of the trunk seal. If you can't picture what i'm talking about I can get pictures.

Any idea how to fix this? Do I need to get some sort of sealant stuff and seal that seem to keep water from getting between there and causing it to rust? Any idea on what to use? I'd like to catch it before it does any real damage.
Take a flash light and look closely at the areas just to the outsides of the trunk lid hinge near the speakers. If water is getting inside you should clearly see rust in this area.

If you see rust in there you have some issues and the damage has already been done. The only way to properly fix it is to remove the trunk did and and trim plate. Grind off all of the old seam sealer off the corners you will clearly see the problem. Cure the rust with POR 15 and reseal..

The old GM sealer was no good and likely cracked allowing water to seep in..

You shoudl also take a close look where the seam meets the bottom of the rear glass...

Been there done that! :)
Also check your rear floor pan and carpet for dampness. I had the seal go bad and it allowed water to run into the interior of my car. It took me forever to find where the leak was coming from. It never occurred to me that water would run forward....especially on a car that leaves as hard as a GN :D
just a little surface rust starting up in there :( could be worse

i'll take off the trunk and stuff tomorrow and get that taken care of.

thanks :smile: