Local tv show on street racing


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May 29, 2001
It must be sweeps week since the local news just did one of their lame shows on street racing. Pretty funny actually. They mentioned alternatives to illegal racing and showed a couple of the local street legal drags venues. The reporter chick (she was hot) rode along with an in-car camera with one of the "racers" in his ricer. She was all excited, giggling, and said what a thrilling ride it was. The resulting timeslip........ 15.0@91 MPH. Wonder what she would have to say after a ride in a TR? :D :D
News coverage of "street racing"....

..is F#$King gay. :rolleyes: I swear, what used to be a secretive, almost "taboo" thing that some car enthusiast would participate in, is now main-stream, yuppy, channel 6 news material @ 5:00 pm, because of Rice and the Slow & Delerious!?!:mad:

...don't they have anything better to do news stories about? How about the continued waste of US soliders lifes over in Iraq...:eek: