Lock up to non Lock up?


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Jun 30, 2005
Whats the easiest/Best way to convert a 200R4 from the stock Lock up set up to a non lock up?
Thanks in advance
transgo 7-ccv kit
drop trans out , remove o-ring and check ball from input shaft (use a screw to pull )
remove pan , remove lockup solenoid, look into the hole where the solenoid was and remove clip and drop out lockup valve and springs, install non lock valve with pin and replace clip
you can reinstall the lockup valve or remove it ..doesnt matter it wont lock
install your non lock converter and put trans back , plug the elecrical connector back in

the art carr kit is more complicated because you need to do the same stuff but also need to pull the pump and put a set screw into it to hold the non lock valve

install a good auxillary trans cooler