locking converter at what speed???


Feb 10, 2003
Hey guys im getting new chips burned and want to know what mph are your chips programed to lock converter in 3rd gear? I will be useing a 28 inch slick with 9x11 3500 stall.I dont want it to lock up to soon and the car drop on its ass,or to late.
75mph was about right for me. I had my chip programmed when I had 26" tires, so now it's off and locks up way too late since I put on the 28's.
Make sure you have the right speedo gear in the tranny if you want the chip to control lockup.
Mine locks at 70. I haven't tried anything else but I did pick up around 1.5 MPH over no lock-up.

I've had good luck with 81 mph running 28" tires. Bob's chip is nice because it's adjustable for different tire/converter combos.