Looking for 86-87 Turbo Buick- Prefer close to Florida


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Apr 28, 2020
My criteria:
Black, Silver or White-HARDTOP HIGHLY preferred. Not looking for a show car but a very nice driver
Prefer mileage under 100k
Everything works- AC, Heat
Very clean body- no wrecks or rust
Interior clean not asking for show car
Paint can be ok not asking for show car
Minor mods ok

I don't want anyone basket case, headache or major project!!!! The car will be thoroughly checked out by a Turbo Buick technician, sorry to come off that way but I've been burned once already.
My price range is up to high teens with cash in hand- you can have cash, check or money order!
Let me know what you have Cobra199711@gmail is my email address
just posted today... on here ... a really clean nice white t in Orlando.... damn nice car id buy it