Looking for a 86-87 t type turbo t in Louisiana area


Oct 13, 2019
Looking for a 86/87 Buick t type are turbo t for sale in Louisiana are gulf coast area thanks
"T Type" was only availible in 1986, if my memory recalls correctly.

In 1987 Buick dropped the T-Type package on the Regal. All turbo Regals in 1987 came with the Y56 T package and have a T badge on the fenders and on the horn button (a similar T badge also appears on the current Regal Turbo and Verano Turbo). This T package is often erroneously thought to designate the Turbo T package, which is solely the WE4 Regal.

Just so you know.

There IS a difference, a big one.
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Yes sir u are correct I have a we4 (turbo t ) and a 86 GN I am looking for a intercooler Buick 86/87 for my brother if anyone has a good one and looking to get rid of thanks
I've got a nice low mile, modified limited i'll sell. It is however a theft recovered title. let me know if interested further. I can get together pics and details. i'm in western NC.
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Send me some pics and what is your asking price sir
87 Limited .020 109, xfi 2.05, 70mm throttle body ported polished iron heads by proline racing in atlanta. ported polished intake, 210/215 roller cam, 67/66 bison turbo, fmic extreme intercooler, century stage 2 transmission, real atr headers, 3 inch dp, rjc ss crossover exhaust, moser axles, HR bar, edash, 79lbs injectors, couple of spots on paint need done otherwise good orig pain. ss trim very good to excellent, solid no rust, G80, 8an, 6an teflon lines with 525 pump, alky, big alum radiator, timing cover upgrade...bunch of other stuff. it is a salvage title due to theft years ago which is documented....$24k. 35k mile car. needs front bumper fillers done. (I have them) and needs headliner.Very good street manners,
If still interested let me know of specific pictures you would want and I will get them.