Looking for concert sound door panels!

I've got the pods ( in blue) and the spacers.....the pods can be recovered by any trim shop for a small fee......the last time I had some recovered, it cost me 20$...........go to any boneyard and get you some good lower panels of any color and have them recovered...hell, there are probably some guys here on the board that have different colored lowers that you can have recovered in gray.......i don't have any speakers tho.....probavly wouldn't want 20 year old speakers anyway.....let me know if you want the pods...good luck
Ummm anyone else selling CS II Panels?

Seems I've lost contact with the others. I'm looking for Burgundy or Grey Sound Concert door panels with the pods equipped. If any are willing to sell just the pods and the spacers that went on the stock speakers, I will buy those and just modify my current panels. ;)