Looking for help on Mods



I have a 1987 GN with 3" TH downpipe, Hooker exhaust, K&N Filter mild chip and would like to have the following mods done ( Alky, fuel pump, injectors and turbo) Looking for a shop or private party that can do a good job. In the Riverside or San Diego area
You may want to consider doing it yourself. There are good proceedures for each on gn.ttype.org. I am mechanically DEclined and I was able to swap turbos, injectors and the fuel pump. It took me about 2-3 hours for each following the directions from the above mentioned site.
Did you have to do any major tuning after the install of the injectors or do they come with a chip
You NEED to get a chip burned for the injectors. Yes, there is always a little tuning to be done on the addition of any mod - even going from the stock air box to a cold air intake to get the maximum performance from your car. When doing the fuel pump, don't forget to add an adjustable fuel pressure regulator to help in tuning. Also I think it is easier to do one thing at a time. After one part is instaled, take the car for a drive and make sure it is running properly. That way, if something isn't working right, you know what part caused it and it makes the fix easier. I first put in the fuel pump and adj fuel pressure reg. and tuned the car. Then I swapped injectors and chip and tuned the car. Then I swapped turbos and tuned yet again. The car felt faster with every change.