Looking for ideas..please help.(bigstuff 3 issue)

Brer Rabbit

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My car has what I believe to be a lean stumble under very easy acceleration. If I hammer the gas it skips past the stumble pretty much but the car still doesn't feel real crisp until it gets going. The car has a Big stuff 3 and last week a buddy who I trust to tune seemed to eliminate the problem around 4 or 5 oclock when it was at least 75 degrees. a few hours later the temperature dropped considerably and the stumble as I described came back. Today its pretty cool out, and the stumble is as bad as ever. So with what I described can anyone give me suggestions that can be relayed to my buddy to possibly get this car straightened out for good.
Although I've never used a BS3, the first place I would look are the AE tables - especially AE vs. TPS.

AE is essentially the modern version of the old accelerator pumps in the carbs. As you step on the gas pedal, it squirts in a bit of extra fuel to prevent a stumble.

Or, have you already looked at that?

-Bob Cunningham

Look at you A/F on the Fuel Table it might need more fuel at where the elipse is while stumbling, Highlight that box or boxes and hit page up for more fuel,
If it is OK at steady state than you might need more transient fuel, dTPS/dp for Throttle enrichment or dMAP v Kpa for MAP Correction
Think the problem is solved..

Looks like it was BAD PLUG WIRES! I changed the coil pack with a known good one and the car got 70% better right away. I ripped off all the plug wires and my buddy checked them with a meter and one was real bad but they were all inconsistent. Ive been lookin for a good set of wires since I got out of work with no luck, but it appears I jumped the gun thinking it was a tuning issue. Me jump the gun --what a shocker! Thanx for giving it a shot guys.