Looking for nice 86/87 SF Bay Area CA


Oct 22, 2012
Hi y'all. I used to be a member of this site a long, long time ago. I sold my GN about 8 years ago. I'm looking to buy another. I'm looking for a real nice one close to my area. I'm looking for an 87 that looks and runs good. I will also consider an 86 if the price is right. I am a SERIOUS buyer, however I have a cap on what I'd like to spend. I'm glad to be back on these boards.

Lou Czarnota, "TurboLou" has a gorgeous low mileage 87 GN for sale right now, but he want's $20K.

Worth every penny.
We have a local club, NorCal GN.
I will post this to our list.
Can see ad for my 87 Turbo-T Limited w/Black out trim. Rust free CA car in excellent shape.
Search for "Gold 87 Turbo-T with Leather" by 87Ltd
I'm not on this site much so if you'd like to contact me; please reply to: garjohn.fong@yahoo.com
$10,000 obo
Thanks for your time,