Looking for Power wire to B-B Box


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Apr 5, 2005
Hi im having some issues with my FAST Bank to Bank. Im not getting anything out of the ECU. Says ECU NOT FOUND. Which pin on the harness can i test to see if im getting power to the box? Thanks alot.
Ok. I went out and nothing is labeled. How do i tell which is which? I have on the right harness into the box a Red, White, Blue, Gray, and Yellow wire. The rest including the other harness are all black. Which ones are which?
They are labeled on the black connectors that goes into the ecu. You just have to look REAL close. The red, white, blue, gray, and yellow, and black are probably the WBO2 wires. They are located in Blue-F1; Gray-F2; White-F3; Yellow-G1; Red- G2; Black-G3