Looking for scale drawings/diagrams rear end cover


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Aug 16, 2006
First let me say that I don't own a GN or GNX, but enjoy building scale models of them. I would like to scratchbuild a correct rear end cover for the 1/24 scale Monogram kit, but can't find any scale drawings or diagrams of this part, only a couple of photos of them on the actual car. So I need actual dimensions (width, length and height) as well as a good accurate diagram or photos of one off of the car from all sides to make a scale drawing from. I have seen the exploded drawing on the buickGNX.com website, but since this is shown at an angle it is not what I need. If I can get it to come out good enough I may make some resin copies to any interested modelers on the list. I may also do some GNX mufflers if anyone has detailed measurements and photos of these.
thanks for the help,
Dave Calhoun
Hi Dave,

I can take any photos you need, but Rick (X-Ray) is probably in the best position to help with his stash of original materials (drawings, etc). I'll be talking with him tonight and will let him know of your request if he doesn't read it here first.

Take care,
Thanks Doug,
that would be a great help for my project. I am also looking to get photos of the labels in the engine compartment and a good photo of the battery top for the original Delco type battery, I may be able to make a decal sheet to cover the battery, AC label & yellow warning label on the front of the radiator cover. Well you can post back here or PM me direct.
Another question... did the GNX come with black letter tires or raised white letter - I know that they had Eagle GT but have not seen any original photos showing the tires. Photos I have seen show blackwall but I'm not sure if they are original tires or not!
Thanks Joe,
Some good stuff there! just wish the blueprint of the rear was easier to see, I'll try to blow it up & see what I can. Also the unmachined rear end cover is very helpful to me.