Looking to buy a set of Ported Heads...where should i go??


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May 28, 2001
ok guys since im gonna be doing head gaskets i want to put a nice set of ported heads on the car. i looked at FrankG's heads and they flow good for the 700 dollar price but he has a 2 month wait and i cant wait that long so he is out for now. next was mease performance but i have yet to talk to him. after that was ArizonaGN's heads. i saw they were a tad under 700 but no flow numbers and didnt seem like they would be as good as Franks for that price. any other ideas?? im not looking to go crazy and get aluminum and all that stuff just want a nice set of ported heads that will flow nice numbers without breaking my wallet that i can order up soon. give your opinions please.......thanks
I know a guy with a GNX with heads done by Aggressive Performance for under $650. The car picked up a half second. He was really pleased.
nevermind the man over at Banshee Performance ( TurboTwister ) is hooking me up with a killer set of heads