Lost post: sounds like a turbo


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Some one posted that their NA sounded like a turbo when they were getting on it and was trying to find the problem(possiable vac leak)
I have searched all the way back to the beginning but can not find the post.
Who was it??? and what ended up being the problem????
I ADMIT IT!.....IT WAS ME! *sniffles*. No but yea it was me..its my compressor. still doin it. i dont care, the motors comin out in a couple months and the new one goes in w/ the 4spd muncie.:D
I thought it was you ;) I know that I'm getting old, but knew that some one had posted it but I could not find it.
I reason I asked is that I have a vac leak that I can not find, my car starts to whistle at about 4 or 3 Hg of vac, that's before the turbo starts to spool.
I've even disabled the turbo and it still does it.

Do you know if it is causing a vac leak on your car?

4 speed ???? nothing shifts faster than a auto, but nothing is funner than a stick ;)
With lots of torque you can pull on the shifter (when at WOT)and side step the clutch to get shifts within inches. BE VERY CAREFUL DOING THIS [b/] . I have blown a few muncie rockcrushers trans doing just this, plus throwing rods out the side of blocks, almost riping the rearend out of my camaro (to much weight & traction), shattering pressure plates & clutchs, ripping shifters out of the floor
OK now you see want can and WILL happen, have fun :D
Is it possible to convert to stick? and, What kinda engine are you puttin in
yea its possible...i just need to get the pedal assembly from either a el camino or malibu. then the crossmember and driveshaft. Also im puttin a chevy 355 in it from jasper racing...And T-Type.. i am puttin in the MSD ig. w/ rev limiter on it so i have no accidents ;)
Also its not causing a vacume leak.. take the belt off the comressor and see if it stops... mine was doin it b/c the pump was startin to go {i removed the belt} but so far im lookin at about 620 in parts and im tryin to get everythin ready so i can have it done in like a weekend {hopefully} this weekend im goin to a pick and pull to get a driveshaft to be cut. that will get me on the move.... also to locate a used radiator.
Originally posted by mr_85regal
i just need to get the pedal assembly from either a el camino or malibu

Good luck, not many were made. Hey, if you find an extra assembley send it my way:)