Lots of Parts!! Can bring to Cecil dragway. 9/15/18


May 27, 2001
What’s up guys. This is stuff I can bring to Cecil Dragway on Saturday 9/15/18. If we agree on an item I will bring it with me. These prices are in person and cash deals. Otherwise all plus shipping and PayPal. I have pics available let me know what you want to see. If I can not make it or there is a weather issue. I’ll let you know. Thanks. VINNY.

1. 7 quarts comp cams 10w30 break in oil. $5 each
2. 5 quarts RP old school syn 10w40
$5 each
3. 3” KN cone filter. IAT hole drilled $30
4. 3” BBK filter. $15
5. Kirban pinion snubber new $25
6. Kirban GNX bushings new. $20
7. Highway stars pas visor bracket new $28
8. Casper’s IAC splice $8
9. Casper’s modified alt lightbulb new $20
10. Melling K-201HV oil pump kit new
11. 2 copies of MUSCLECAR REVIEW with GNX 547 article. $10 each
12. Pair of strong arm hood struts used. Good shape. $20 pair
13. 2.5 test pipe. Fit stock DP has a few marks from removal no leaks or cracks. $25
14. 4 piece intercooler hoses from GN1 frt mnt. New. $45
15. Power seat switch from a LIMITED great shape. $35
16. Denso oxygen sensor. $15
17. Highway stars pcv grommet new $7
18. Delco plug Wireset. Very little use. Great shape. $25
19. highway stars brass prop valve new $35
20. Brake filter and firewall gasket $18
21.?2 Accel plug wire protectors. $8 each. Or $15 both
22. Mr gasket 4363. 160 thermostat. New
23. Summit hot start relay kit New $20
24. Hot air turbo drain pipe. Great shape. $30
25. Original GUIDE high beam headlamps. Very clean. Pair. $25
26. Chrome bumperettes. Driver quality. $30 pair
27. Visor brackets. Hardtop Driver quality. $20 pair
28. Ac Delco 200r4 tailshaft bushings 5 in a box. $15
29. Hotair. Wastegate and egr sol on one bracket. $20
30. Good tensioner. Broken eyelet where alt bolt goes through. Make offer.
I'll take caspers IAC and ALT lightbulb. Interested in KN if new depending on length.
Rob Lyons. Prop valve is stock replacement. Disc drum.
Here are your pics. Pm me your cell and confirmation. I’ll text you guys on Saturday. Thanks.


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Hello , I have no idea but I cant seem to download or see the pics , will you text me the pics of the 2.5" test pipe to 662-419-0626 and I'm sorry for all the hassle
OK , I will take the test pipe , can I get your paypal and the total cost and I will get you paid . Happen to have the gasket ? Thanks Keith
I am interested on the intercooler pipes but I would like to see some pictures. I'll take the firewall gasket. I'll PM you my cell number.
Test pipe
Casper’s iac harness and alt bulb
Firewall gasket. PENDING.
Thanks guys.
Ill take the PCV grommet and the Denso O2 sensor as long as it’s new. I’ll be working the MAGNA tent for the car show


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Great seller got to meet him today! Thanks for coming to the event Vinny!

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Interested in brass prop valve. Pm me with shipping to 32097 if it’s still available.

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