Low boost... help guys!


Ok, so here is my issue:

Driving the car and decided to get on it. Car only spools to about 12 PSI and stays there. I am running a Turbonetics Deltagate wastegate on the car. Has the 9PSI spring and adjustment screw set it to 12 PSI. So, I figured that it was because of that. Hoses were hooked up as follows:

Pressure pickoff on turbo, T-eed to vaccum lines running to BOTH boost side and Vaccum side of wastegate. No boost controller. normal T... no orifice.

Just to be sure, I pulled the wastegate off and checked the operation of it. Wastegate opens @ 12 PSI. Ok, that works. I got an LED Flashlight and shined it on the valve to see if it was sealing, and bingo, I could see light shining through the valve. So I am thinking this is my problem.

Well, Turbonetics does not support the Deltagate any longer and no one there knew if there was supposed to be a valve seat. So, I decided to machine the lower housing in attempts to "seat" the valve. Valve is seated better than before but still see light through it.

Question #1: If the two vaccum lines coming from the same pressure source (pick off on turbo) were connected to both boost and vaccum sides of wastegate, shouldnt have my turbo boosted to max amount that turbo can produce and possibly blow my motor? It didnt, only getting 12 PSI of boost.

Question @2: Can this small of a exhaust leak coming from gap in wastegate valve stop me from building additional boost?

No additional exhaust leaks are present. I do have a very interesting setup as the car is an 85 GN with an intercooler setup on it.

Please feel free to ask me any other questions!

Help is needed and much appreciated!