Low-mile 87 Limited wanted


New Member
Greetings from Houston! I am looking for a low-mile Limited T-Type and would greatly appreciate any leads. I’m a private collector and will not waste your time or insult you with an offer. I have a budget of $45,000 and would like to buy the nicest car available for under that price.

I’m a new member but long time enthusiast. Over the last few decades, I’ve owned 4 GNs and a T-Type, all 87s. Back when, I’d buy them with 10,000-15,000 miles for around $12,000, throw a couple more thousand for go-fast stuff to run 12.7s on BF Goodrichs, drive them to 40,000-45,000 miles, sell them for $9,000, and go buy another.

No Buicks in the garage now, but I have a nice 89 Turbo Trans Am with 13,000 miles that runs mid 12s.

Muchos Gracias!