Low O2


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Jun 13, 2001
I'm running about 695 at the end of the quarter, but not getting any knock. Translator is set at 0 for wot, and if I turn it up to 2% it bust up. Boost is set at 18lbs, timing 23/21 and i'm running a mix of 93/100 octane. Fuel pressure is right and blms are ok. Any ideas?
check for loose grd at backside of passenger side head. You are probably getting correct 02 #s at 695. Adding more fuel is giving you arish knock. Easy fix,just reach around and see if grd junction is loose.
I've got a ground relocater, so it will be easy to check. Scan master is showing o2's at 695 wot at end of 1/4 mile. Talked to Mike and Full Throttle and he suggusted turning fuel(8% on the translater) up alot the see if it loads up, but if it's not knocking to not worry about it and let it be. The car is running very well so i hope he is right.
This is a very similar problem to what I had. No matter how much fuel pressure or how much fuel I added through the translator, I could not get my o2s out of the 600s. I tried checking the grounds, replacing the maf, replacing the o2 sensor, removing the translator, changing chips, turning up the alky, etc. I finally took the 60lb injectors out and the problem went away. Put the 009s and chip back in and now the car runs a lot better o2s in the high 700s. I dont know if I had 3 bad chips :rolleyes: or maybe some bad injectors.
I had 009's before the 60's and I could get better o2's also. I can get higher o2's with the 60's, it's just the car won't run well at wot.
I don't know why you took your 60# out, because my car with 60# flat out scream's with 765 in the 1/4, and i love them, just if you put them back in put the injector's in the fuel rail first and clip them on because the injector can go in alittle too far.