LT1 and LS1 MAF??


Aug 31, 2001
my friend just got a new maf for his LS1 TA and im got his orignal one with 30k miles on it, i saw online a few places that you can put a LT1 maf and a translator on our cars.... my question is , can you use the LS1 maf instead of the LT1 if so whats the difference, and what would i need to do to tune it with a new maf??
ps. any info about upgrading MAF's is appreciated
Generally, when someone refers to an LT1 MAF, they mean the 3" LT1 sensor that came on B-bodys (Impalas, roadmasters, etc.)

When someone refers to the LS1 sensor, they mean the 3.5" F-body sensor. LT1 F bodies had 3.5" sensors, too.

The translator will work with both the 3" and the 3.5" sensor, though you have to change the switch setting.

Search "Translator" or "LS1" or "3.5" in the achives for the general tech section and you will have days of reading to do.

Suffice to say that even a 3" LT1 sensor/translator is a great mod. It gives you a reliable, bulletproof maf that flows roughly 150 CFM more than stock and accidently dropping a wrench on it won't make it junk.

Upgrading to a 3.5" sensor, translator + and an extender chip gives you even more performance potential and tuning ability.