machine shop help in maryland

gn powered s-10

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Dec 10, 2003
ok guys is there a good machine shop close to baltimore( I live in elkridge md) that can do good machine work on the gn block and do a mild valve job
(3-angle valve job and mild p&p) as for the block i want to go .030 over and have it cleaned and new freeze plugs and cam bearings installed , and also have new rod bushings installed with new pistons and some ARP rod bolts put in too

thanks for the help

hopefully the s-10 will have a new turbo power plant soon :eek:
thanks to CRAZYGN he instigated it all :eek:
Burtonsville Machine in Burtonsville is good. There are some others near Baltimore but I forget the names - do a search for Maryland as this has come up a few times.
great work if ur willing to pay for it. he has some of the meanest grand nationals,mustangs,and camaros i have ever seen. if you are thinking of going with a supercharger or turbo definatly give him a call. he is a good guy and stands behind his work. from twin turbo mustangs to procharged ls-1's he does it all. ask for mr. bill