MAF Question?


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I am about to fire up my '84 GN with '85 motor for the first time and have a question about the MAF? I have put in an '86 ECM with stock GN chips and was wondering if I can use my turbolink to tune the 84-85 MAF to use with this setup? I have heard members say you can or you can't use the 84-85 MAF with the 86-87 ECM. Is anyone using 84-85 MAF sucessfully? What should I watch out for? My part number on the MAF is #25007698 not sure if its 84 or 85? Thanks in advance.
The car will run with the 84 MAF but you will never be able tune it right for performance. I'm not sure but maybe a chip can be burned for the 86 computer calibrated for the 84 MAF.