MAF Question


Boost...gotta get some!
Aug 16, 2012
Just got my car back together after a bunch of upgrades, and I'm having some issues.

New TT E85 Chip
New 120lb injectors from TT
Modded ECM
New valve springs
New Accufab AFPR
DW300 Pump-used
New Duttweiler Neck stock IC
Stock MAF

Fired it up last night without the MAF on it and it started and idled good. Never tried getting on the throttle.

• Hooked up the CAI and MAF last night and went to bed.
• Went out to fire it up this AM and it would start, run for about 5 sec, and stall.
• Tried three times with same results.
• I could use the throttle to keep it running.
• Unplugged the MAF and the problem went away.
• Tried tapping on it with it plugged in with no luck.
• Sounds like it is running super rich.

Any ideas?
Yes, forgot to mention that, I bought a modded ECM from someone on the board.
Yes, pulled the tank, fully drained it and air dried it out. Flushed all of the lines. the only thing I haven't done, which I should check is the FP after switching to the DW300 pump. I'll try that first.
I think I figured it out. Me being a little stupid.

Let me know if this makes sense.

I had everything hooked up except I didn't have a long enough hose to connect the up pipe to the TB. This then doesn't give any airflow to the MAF. I also forgot to plug in the intake air temp sensor. I think I'm good now.

Thanks for the replies.