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Hey guys, I just recently got an 87 ECM for my car out of an 86 Delta88. I also pulled the MAF sensor from the same car. My question is, will that MAF sensor work on my car? I heard that it would, but its alot smaller, so it wont line up correctly. Whats your 2 cents?:confused:
It would probably work since it was used with the same computer and if the plug is the same, but I wouldn't do it. You need an 87 MAF. I've seen how small those are and any restriction before the turbo is really bad. Besides a loss in power, the turbo might not spool as well.
The problem I think you are going to have is that this MAF will not be able to read the amount of air you are going to suck through it with a turbo. Besides, once you switch to the turbo chip I believe you will have severe idling problems, and lack of air flow at WOT. You can try it, I would be curious to see the result.
You can try it, I would be curious to see the result.
I just did the same thing Marc plans to do, 87ECM, MAT, but I kept my 84MAF in there. With the 86parkavenue chip that was in the ecm it was running fine except under any boost at all I was getting knock. Even at, say, 3 psi. Borrowed a stock 87 chip, knock went away completely.

Strangely enough, I've got the knock back, but I don't think it's related to anything electronical. We'll find out next season, but I'll probably get an 87MAF then too.

that knock, id ASSume to say would be.. cause the car you got it out of wasnt turbocharged... the ecm didnt increase fuel AT ALL.. well, enough for a motor that would always be under vacuum even at WOT.. once you hit boost, the computer didnt know it, and, ping ping ping.

oh yea, the TPS's work off 3800 cars. just FYI.
Yea that's what I was assuming too... and also why I never tried going WOT with that chip... *hint hint* for anyone trying the ecm&chip out of a non-turbo car :)

You guys are confusing me now. This ECM is fine isn't it? When I put the ECM in the car over the winter, it will DEFINATLY not have the factory chip. Is it the chip you guys are talking about????

Oh yea, i'll likly get a after market MAF for the car. I'v heard about the LT1 maf from the impalla. Will that fit my car?

An LS1 maf is a good investment for these cars or so ive sene. You can run an LS1 mad Marc, but you'll need a maf translater to run it. As for the delta 88, i tried a maf off a car like that, which was smaller. I rigged it up to the maf hose. But it was too small for the hose, it was crushing the hose trying to get all the air through the maf, so i'd stick to am 87 maf if I were you :)

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This ECM is fine isn't it?

Yea, sorry to confuse you... I meant the chip that is in the ECM from the delta88 is bad for your car. Yea, get a chip made for your car and you'll be fine. Also there's another chip-like thing (the "cal-pak") that you'll need to take out of your hotair ECM and put in the new ecm (make sure it has the right numbers). I'm told this is only used for limp-mode, but you should do it anyway.

And Marc you'll most likely want the same maf the 86/87 guys use. Remanufactured ones are available (ones not made by GM). Go to piston ring, tell them you want a MAF for an 87 grand national. I asked them this and they said it was $140 (if I remember correctly). I haven't got mine yet. Keep in mind, some guys who have used these have gotten defective units (seems almost too often from what I've read)... so keep that in mind. This is what I'll be doing.

If you go with the LS1 maf, you'll need the translator like BuickTV6 said... which ain't cheap, but it's definitely a good set-up. Get a translator+ and you can even control timing and fuel (or so I'm told) yourself.

Looks like il be getting an 87 MAF. Likly over the winter when I get some extra cash. What Kind of chip do you recomend. I know a custome chip would be nice, but isn't that a little pricy???

BTW, who are you Buicktv6? Are you new in the club. I dont think i'v ever seen your car.
Chips are cheap!

Stock 84/85 MAF should work fine from what I've seen. Some have had better luck with 86/87 MAFs but personally I would rather have a stock OEM 84/85 MAF over an aftermarket 86/87 MAF at this point.

As mentioned MAF calibrations ARE different for turbo applications.

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