MAF Translator Questions


Oh come on...its just a 6
Hey everyone. I just picked up a MAF translator and LT1 MAF (thanks Highway Stars for the smokin' deal) and installed everything, but I have a few questions.

First, where's everyone installing theirs? I'm trying to figure out a place to mount it so that its easily accessible but not blatantly obvious (trying to keep the bay clean). Pictures are always welcome!

Second, I set the Chip Type to All Others (Switches 1-3 ON/Up, Switch 4 OFF/Down), MAF Base to 3 (Caprice/Impala MAF) and MAF WOT to 0. Per another thread (, I am dealing with a rich condition that the translator and LT1 MAF helped with (idle BLMs are now 115-118 instead of 105-108). Would changing the Base to 5 (Caprice/Impala MAF leaner at idle) help at all? Should I look at adjusting the WOT setting as well? Will this help with the knock that I'm getting?

Third, I'm looking at ordering a set of 80 lb. flow-matched injectors and matching chip from TurboTweak to go with the PTE 5558 and THDP that I'm getting ready to put on. What should I put the MAF Base and WOT to once these are on?

Thanks as always!!
Old school mounting method behind the glove box. Do a search on "Samurai" there should be lots of old threads and pictures on it. I did mine like that many years ago and its still there. Never really fuss with anymore though.

I remember experimenting with setting until I found what the car liked. I have and extender chip which is similar to TurboTweaks these days.
If your running one of Eris'c chips you can not add or subtract fuel , only a Bob Bailey's chip you can change fuel . Eric's fuel is burnt into the chip .
You can add/subtract 20 percent of fuel with Eric chips. Here...

Timing is adjustable in low/high gear as well.
Thank you for posting that , I talked with Eric maybe two weeks ago on a chip I sent to him , I went from a TA49 to an TE61 cause he said he would have to add fuel to the chip as I couldn't do that with the translator . I may have heard him all wrong cause I knew he told me I had to run a Bob B. chip to +- fuel . Maybe he will chime in on this .
I put mine right behind the vapor canister next to the horn for my alarm with a piece of double sided 3m tape
they make a mounting bracket but I spent that money on the dress up plate for the translator
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