Maftpro Questions


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Anyone using this personally on their GN with the Speed Density setup? How does it work for you? Also if you have a chip, like turbotweak or something, does the MAFTPRO override the chip or what? Any help would be appreciated.
I've ran it since September and I love it. I run in Speed Density mode and the car has never idled or run better. I have a built motor too, combo in my sig. The TPro still uses a chip. The one that I use is the one designed for it and it is the Extender Pro. Mine is the Extreme version for low z injectors. The TPro also is a boost controller, data logger if you have a WB O2. For the money it is a great buy considering what all it does, almost a poor mans DFI. Check out and for more info.
I installed it in my buddies limited with a pro chip, it worked flawless, tuned it with out even needing a lap top.
It idles and runs like a champ, very nice upgrade.