Manual Shifting



Hopefully one of you guys can help with this. I have a 200-4R with lockup converter behind a mild 350 in my 69 Chevelle. My problem is that all of the sudden, I cannot manually hold 1st gear. When I pull the shifter all the way back into the "1" position, the tranny shifts to 2nd at about 4000rpm, even though I have the shifter back in 1st. There is nothing obvious wrong with the shift linkage, and I use a Shiftworks conversion kit on the stock Chevelle floorshifter. Is a linkage problem the only possible explanation, or could there be an internal problem causing this? Needless to say, my ET is suffering with this early shift. Also, I can hold the car in 2nd or 3rd as long as I want, it is only 1st that is giving me grief. Thanks in advance.

Here we go...

"Most" non performance 2004rs have a fail safe. Meaning, they will shift out after it overides the gov oil.
Lemme guess....
You used a KTF or a KCF or a OM core to start with. Some AA or AP units will do it also.
Nothing wrong, just not the right thing to start with.

If it worked prior to this and this started all of a sudden, go back in and look at seperator plate . Gasket at the gov/shift valve feed will be blown out. I have seen this happen before.
Thanks Bruce. You are correct, it worked fine until recently. I do not have a shift kit in this transmission. Which one do you recommend, will it correct this problem, and can a fairly competent hobbyist successfully install this kit? I have put B&M Shift Improver kits in TH350s before, but never had the pan off a 200-4R.

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