Manual Valve Body TH400?


Jun 1, 2001
I eventually plan on having my 87 T in the low elevens. I just got a BOP bolt pattern TH400 from a friend. I really like manual transmissions and I know that the wastegate would dump all my boost between shifts with a manual. Would a manual valve body Turbo 400 trans work well in a TR? I dont really mind the no-overdrive because it will be a track car by the time its fast enough.
MVB is almost a must...

As you would need to one way valve vaccuum mod line. Tbrakes are all manual Valve body reverse pattern with no decompression. Reverse pattern manuals come both ways but decompression Reverse Manual Valve Bodies are expensive.
Forward patterns are cheap.

So how do MVBs work in TR's? Anyone have any expirience with one? Thanks for the info WE4.:)