Maryland sightings

May 25, 2001
Tonight, Friday feb 15th, 2002, @ 8:15pm Northbound on the Baltimore Washington pkwy. Maryland plates: "TRY ME" A few pleasantries were exchanged.

I'm helping my girlfriend's mother move back to Chapel Hill NC from Ellicot City MD this weekend. WE'll probably be pretty busy but I suppose there's always the chance to get together.

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you wouldn't know him even if i told you who he was...he's one of those cats that never posts on the board but owns a car and knows alot about what he has....but you can best believe that he isn't going to tell you much about his combo....:D

i'm not being a smart a$$, just don't know if he would want me to mention who he is...he's an elusive person....very well known on the streets up here though if you catch my drift.....

WEll, could there be more than one person with this license plate?(maybe with different letter spacing, etc) With the way that THIS car was running, I would be surprised if it didn't have stock turbo, inj, etc (maybe it was detuned? he was sandbagging a little?) because I was expecting that he should have been seriously running better than what I saw... There was too much traffic to really answer such questions definitively, but I wasn't impressed by what I did see (sorry, now I'm sounding like the egotistical butthead)

Anyway, ask him about me sometime & see if he says anything about it. Seems like the driver wanted to chat, but it worked out kinda funny...

believe me greg...he was sandbagging...he always does....the car is an animal, seriously...

he mentioned you saturday when i saw him, he said that he was on the phone...he said that you guys never really got lined up, you were just f'ing around a little....he said that he was late for work as it is, he really didn't have time...but he likes the cars just as much as the rest of us, so he played anyway....:D
That's reassuring!!!

Yup, the traffic was too heavy to ever give us a chance to line up. I think he even missed his main exit for me. He pulled off onto the side of the parkway - so I wasn't sure if he had broke down or wanted to chat (or maybe it was that phone call you mentioned) I waited just before the next exit to see if he got back on the road or not, I actually doubled back to check on him, but he was gone by the time I passed by the point he had pulled off (I was glad he hadn't broken down) I'm REALglad to hear he was sandbagging me b/c I was thinking that LS1's would have been beating him up left and right. At least, LS1's usually beat ME up on the rare occasion that I find myself next to one under favorable conditions (that's like - never, around here) I was upset at the time, thinking someone with (what I thought) a stock Buick would get a license plate like that b/c this person would be giving Buicks a bad rep, but actually, he kinda reminds me of myself with all of the sandbagging - keeps em guessing, huh?

yeah, he said that he was on the phone with one of the guys in the club telling him how the vaccum t was hooked up on the turbo or something...he said he pulled over to check....:D

yep...that was him...i'll tell him you doubled back for him....

i love the buick community..:cool: