Me and my Baseball bat have to discuss somthin w/ my Regal


Lead foot and a slow car
i got outa school today... pumped the gas and started my car.. it was warming up on chocke when me and myfriends hopped in.. then it started to sputtrer so i gave it a lil gas and it died... and is sittin in the scholl p[arkin lot dead! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED! i think it was the distributor cuz its gettin gas and everything else is fine. i dont think its gettin a spark.. it wont even stutter! and i was goin to busch gardens tomorrow. im a go and beat the hell outa my car now.. yall let me know if u have anyidea what the hell happened!
the rotor in the distibutor literally blew up and blew up everything inside of the Cap.. i had to replace the rotor cap and the lil sensor inside.. she runs beatuiful again!