meeting place


Turbo Dan Man

Well i was talking wit my bro today about were a good meeting spot and he thought about off okeechobee the windixe right there at the turn pike ..... thought that might be good cause its well and it right by the turn pike so people can get off and on if they want to and what not .... and also what would be a good day fer every one ... i will try to organize it to my best wit the help ofmy bro if i need it ... so i guess every one can just start thorwing ideas of a good day and a good spot and we will choes the one thats picked most .

I use to hold get togethers at The Winners Circle in that same parking lot. Ed (the owner) gave us a secure place to park. I know the F- Body Club meets there every other Sun (just met this past Sun). You may want to talk with Ed at The Winner's Circle if this is of interest to all...