Misc. new and used parts for sale

Money sent for the Header and MAF

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Note: All prices include shipping

Cam Sensor-New (Qty 2) $215.00
Fuel Pressure Gauge-New $40.00
Hi-Lo Fan Switch-New $35.00
Knock Sensor-New $50.00 SOLD
ATR Intake-Used $65.00
BstC Boost Controller-New $100.00
D.S. Header-Used $65.00 SOLD
MAF Sensor-Used $45.00 SOLD
Single Gauge Pod-New-$20.00
Stock Elbow-Used $35.00
TurboTweak Chip (TE-60/42 LB inj. 100 octane) $25.00 SOLD
TurboTweak Chip (Stock Turbo/42 LB inj. 100 octane) $25.00 SOLD

Thanks for looking.
MAF and D.S. header to TRICKSIXPA
Knock sensor to m233roller
TurboTweak chips to Jeffwied