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Jun 7, 2007
Well time has come to go faster,so i an selling off some of my stuff to start. I may also have a shortblock for sale shortly also. But here is the starter parts up for grabs.

Powerlogger all instructions boards etc
$210 shipped obo

Tt 6.1 chip for 60s with alky
$70 shipped SOLD

Rjc 4inch maf pipe with coupler and clamp
$100 Shipped SOLD

85 mm maf and translator with coupler and clamps
$275 shipped SOLD


Aem inline wideband o2
$185 shipped

#60 lb injectors
$200 shipped

I have instructions for everything listed above. Will also make a package deal if someone wants all of this stuff as one. Everything is still in car and will be out shortly if want pics or more info just pm me or ask questions here.
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Here ya go i have bung for it and instructions also.


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