Dec 30, 2001
Ok question, my buddy got arrested last night for public intoxication. They took him to jail spent several hours in detox went before the judge had to pay the fine and everything. Now what happens to him how long does it stay on the record how will it affect him. Hes pretty freaked out.
I am not sure about how things work in your state but I imagine it is similar to Texas. In Texas, public intoxication is a class C misdemeanor. It is the same class offense as a traffic ticket. It will not show up on a criminal history record. It will show up on the local agency system that made the arrest. I don't know if I answered your question? Here in Austin, you can take an alcohol awareness course and have the charge dismissed. He may look into some diversion program, community service or deferred ajudication.
In Florida, I believe it shows up like any other arrest. Unfortunately, it'll never go away. He can ask to have his record expunged, but it's expensive as hell.
Same here.. Criminal Records dont go away like credit records.. They are a permanent part of ones life. The expungement from what i understand is very very very co$tly..

What kind of career does he do or wanna do?

Should really not impact too bad if any.
He went to school to do something in film. Hes just not sure if it is gonna like make cops look at him different like if he gets pulled over they will go to extremes and just try bust him for stuff.