Missing 1st Gear??


Dec 8, 2007
This is a question from a MonteSS forum member. Any Ideas? Acts like a StageRite Brake.

By "onecool86"
I have a 200r4 transmission. Currently I seem to be missing 1st gear, is this even possible? I can manually shift the transmission into 1st gear from a dead stop but the car won't move(acts like it is in park). If i'm driving and manualy downshift the car will come to a grinding halt. I've also experienced some difficulties with the car not wanting to go into overdrive first thing in the morning, not sure if these things are related or not. Any help with figuring this out would be appreciated.

to the best of my knowledge the only thing that has been done to the transmission is a shift kit and a new torque converter. it has the stock column shifter and is the original transmission(minus a rebuild a few years ago)I also replaced the filter around 2 years ago.

well, the car has sat for pretty much a year. I took it on a test drive when I got back from Afghanistan and broke the tv cable(didn't find out until later) I replace it but had to drive the car around 50 miles before I could get it replaced. I dont' know if that would make a difference or not.
Depends on what he means by won't move (acts like it's in park). If it acts like it's in neutral (no load on the motor) it could be the transfer tube fell out of the valvebody. If the motor has a load on it like the brakes are applied then he might have a trans brake.
Larrym, I think he may have the same problem you had with the direct clutches. His last post he mentioned he broke the TV cable & drove it. I bet they're fried. Thanks for the link. I'll direct him to it so he can do all the checks.