missing/running rough


Jun 7, 2001
i was driving home yesterday, car was running good, starting missing alittle just before i got home, went to go to work this morning was running real rough, missing coughing spitting. got to pump the gas pedal to keep it running, pulled the plugs out there all black and the tip was wet with gas, my o2 meter says normal, not fluctuating like it normally does. the o2 sensor (A/C delco) is not to old, either is the motor. has new Quad air wires. disconnected the o2 sensor wire too. was going to hook up my timing light to check the fire on the wires but u cant keep it running. fixin to put in some new plugs, got any other ideals? thanks, mike
Major vacuum leak, bad MAF, bad FP reg, bad fuel pump, bad crank sensor (does the tach fluctuate?), out of gas :) . I'm sure there are a lot more things but I'm too tired to think.

BTW, I assume by the price of the Opel it's a parts car? What's good on it? My dad has a GT (the last year they made it, can't remember what year though) that's possibly getting a GN motor. It would be nice to have an extra one around. I really like those cars.
plugs----- i changed them they were all black, runs good now,i think my o2 sensor wire was loose my gauge wasn't fluctuating up and down, maybe that fouled out the plugs? thanks