monte ss trans???

sick GN

Jun 18, 2001
Will the trans from a monte ss work in a gn?? I know that the bolt patterns are different but I have a plate that will allow me to bolt it up. Will it work though if I do?? If not what would be different?? Does it hook up the same electrically??
Replacing BR w/CZ trans....

This info is based on what I have garnered from this forum, although some of it is based on personal experience.

The SS trans will bolt up directly. It has a different wiring harness, with only one pressure swich instead of two. The info from the forum says this shouldn't be a problem.

The pressure regulator valve is smaller as is the servo. This will reduce the holding pressure on the clutches and reduce the firmness of the shifts. The difference is not substantial, but enough to notice (based on forum).

The valve bodies have a similar calibration, both are performance based.

The governor controls the shift points when accelerating in drive. The BR gov has a lighter weight and different spring allowing the rpm's to creep higher before shifting. However, the monte trans should shift between 4500 & 5000 rpm (based on forum).

The actual trans case is for all practical purposes, the same among all 2004R transmissions. Although, there are slightly different versions of the casting.

I am in the process of installing a Monte Trans and will be modifying it with a hardened stator, HD pump rings, .5" PR valve and possibly a shift kit depending on what the guru's suggest.

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