Moving, misc parts for sale

I offer $325 for old reman Cardone powermaster. Shipping in extra.

Sir, You cannot buy a vacuum brake conversion kit for that price. Sorry, but I'll have to pass on your offer.
The unit I have is a NEW remanned unit.

Kirban and Gbody have New rebuilt for $799.
Update. Move has been completed. Garage too small for all my junk! It's a tight squeeze. Still have a bunch of parts available.
Will be shipping from Northern Virginia. Or local pickup is fine...

Feel free to PM me with questions or inquiries on parts you might need that I don't have listed.
Yes, sir! I can provide more pics if necessary or pics of other parts if necessary.
Couldn't edit post so Posting new info here:

With regards to the convertor. I reached out to Precision and they stated:

That is a 9.5" Vigilante single-disc lockup converter that fits the 2004R transmission. The stall isn't too high, depending on the vehicle it's going it, maybe 2600 to 2800.