MSD DIS 4 HO quit working??

Scott Atk

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Just shut off on the freeway. Pulled over, put the plug in and it started up. Is this thing servicable at all?
Yes but MSD takes a long time. When mine failed, I just ordered a new one from Summit, then returned the bad one about a month later. It seems that quite a few of the DIS4s fail and this was the only way to not get screwed out of $450
When I called MSD they said it would be like 6 weeks to repair so I never got to the point where we talked price.
Just read a little bit on MSD's tech forum. One guy complained that his car just shut off while driving. He said the unit was real hot to the touch and refired after it sat for awhile. I just plugged mine back in and it started. Now I'm rethinking my mounting location on the AC delete plate. It's about 14" above the downpipe.


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That is very possible. I have mine mounted in the same location as you, except on the opposite side of that heater box plate (inside the car).
Yeah, It's done for. It will start and run anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes then just shuts off. Sucks, I'm on my way out the door going to PINKS ALL OUT.