MT Size ?

Sal Lubrano

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I need new rear tires and after some shopping I am getting MT DR's. The question is should I get the 50 or 60 series. I have stock GN rims and will be going with 275's but an confused about the height. I have my cars mods in my sig. If anyone could offer some advice. I have not been to the track to give any times or speeds.
Looks like you're trying to order the 50's. The 60's will give better footprint on 7" rims, though I like them on 8" or 8 1/2" rims. The 50's like a 8 1/2" rim or bigger. The 50's are 26" tall, same as stock. The 60's are 28" tall. You have enough motor to turn them. I'd recommend the 60's, but it's your car.