I'm new to this Web site and just joined up today. I read a lot of your questions and replys and it looks like you all know your Grand Nationals:) I just bought my 84 GN that had some modifications done to it already so I don't know exactly what I have and what I need to make a quick car. The previous owner gave me a list of things, but he didn't explain what some of them are and I'm new to the GN and turbos in general. I think it's a great car and although it has quite a few miles on it runs great.
I have all kinds of questions I'd like answered, but I'll do them a few at a time. I don't want to sound stupid, but like I said, I'm new to a "GN".

What are the best mufflers for an 84? I would like the best performance and sound. Is there a brand better than others or does it not even matter? Is say a Flowmaster better or an ATR? or what?

Thanks for any help.
atr's are nice but exspensive

alot of guys like dynomax ultraflows they are a strait thru muffler and sound about the same as atr's

if you like quiet then go with dynomax super turbo's but make sure to get both inlet and outlet offset since 1 that fits the car best and 2 with super turbos the double offset muffs flow much better than any other arangment.

i am running 2 1/2 cat back from torque tech and super turbo muffs and even at the level im at now it is flowing plenty

i see your in VA. poor you..:D

in the south eastern section theres a place for virginians to check in so we can see who is from here.
Go with the ATR. Straight through mufflers, not too loud but has a nice rumble. They will outflow flowmasters. Flowmasters do sound good though.
Who needs mufflers?

dont get flows, whatever you do.

a nice dynomax magnum race bullet or two should do the trick.
first off,welcome to the site.

next,i have the atr ss 3"single,and i think it's great.3" down pipe,no cat,not too loud,but not too quiet:).plus it saves a little weight.

from your sig it looks like the previous owner of your car has you on the right track.the only things i see that you will need are a walbro 340 fuel pump and hotwire kit and an adjustable fuel pressure have a scantool(scanmaster),thank's your new best friend,and you don't even know it:).

and by all means,ask all the questions you want.look around the rest of the site too,there is a lot of knowledge running around this place.but be warned,there are some things that are different between the 86-87 cars and our 84-85 "hotairs",so before you buy/modify anything go ahead and ask what everybody thinks on this forum.

oh,and if some guy named "tta89" gives you sh!t for buying a "hotair slug",don't worry about it,he's a punk;).


Thanks for the info, the few people who I have talked to recommended the ATR's, so maybe that is a good choice. I think I will just get a set of those, it couldn't hurt. I guess the only way to find out is to just pick one a just see how many tickets I can get......he he
I run the ATR's and I don't think they're loud, just a nice rumble. You shouldn't have a problem with these

Postons also sells a good Hooker 2'5" duel exhaust kit that comes with 2 Hooker super competition mufflers. I purchased this system, and I am very happy with it. Sounds great at idle, good rumble under WOT, and quiet enough for the highway! Stainless steel too. So If you have the cash, its worth it!. ATR has great systems too, including their single shot kits. It basically goes down to perosnal preference. But they are all good for performance.:cool:
Dynomax race magnums.

I think my car is very quiet with them, however I run uncapped about 70% of the time:D