my 1st TTA sighting



On friday night when I was about to move my car from one end of the gym parking lot to in front of the entrance to the gym. On my way to the parking lot...I notice this super clean TA, (me I still didnt know what they looked like up close). I walked a little further and noticed the "OFFICIAL PACE CAR" thing on the door, my memory recalled that some of them were labeled that. Looked a little closer... "TURBO" on the fender. I was like H:DLY SHÎT!! its turbo trans-am!!! I moved my car to the front and walked back into the gym. I usually cruise at the front desk and my friend who works at the front desk if he saw the person who drove the TTA. He didnt know. After some time passed by with story talking...some of our friends at the gym were leaving. One of them a fitness/swimsuit model. my friend who works the desk came to a conclusion that maybe the girl was the we watched and see. it was too dark out, so we went up to the entrance door and watched to see the white nose of the tta peak out of the gate and started to pass us. YUP!!! it was the fitness model Julie Sieler. I was H:eek:LY CRAP!!! I was getting more exited abut seeing the TTA.:D

so you know who she is, this is her pic :D <(=-=-- CLICK
Chris, I see 2 TTs and one A

I've only seen two so far. One was owned by secret agent bill(currently on a highly classified operation inside of L&L). Sorry thats a long story.:D The other one is usually parked near Daiei in town. By the firestation. There is also a guy who I have bought parts from that has one but he pulled the turbo motor and put in a 455.:( Hmmm, maybe I should offer him a camaro and some cash for the whole package.
hey chris, does she have a sister? i remember two very pretty sisters that bought one new, and boy, did the three of them turn heads!-Rob:) :D :cool: ;) :p
I dont recall that much cleavage on either of them(but who cares, they are hot!):cool:
Bolt Ons?

Ohhh, those kind of B:D LT :DNS! Damn, am I losing it or is my mind swamped in Cleavage? No doubt about it, she is very beautiful, and julie and her sister too!
hey if you guys form a club...make sure to include her...:D

recruit one good lookin babe...and hopefully more are sure to follow....:p and as a bonus she can pose for your group photos...:D
great Idea!

Fugly, thats the best Idea I've heard all year...(so far) how about both sisters? ....Chris? Fast cars and beautiful Babes.... yum;)