My cars story, lots of pics!


sooo ive always wanted one of these cars since i can remember, not your average dream car for a 14 year old which was only 10 years ago, i sold my 00 trans am after i was done with it including heads cam intake exhaust, it was my high school car, for my 1987 turbo t we4, is was rough needed alot of work. made big plans on it, and ordered up everything, alky tc inj all the goodies for 25 lbs just wanted to make it an awesome car, first mishap- map sensor wasn't hooked up on alky pulled the head and cracked piston ring. so i said screw it and did the whole engine, specs in my sig, got the trans built as well, got it all together and boom, no knock sensor was installed, head gaskets blown, got it all back together i was driving and the car just shut off, i said F this took a step back, put it on the back burner and pursued my other dream as serving in the military, and now 3 years later i got back in November, the car was sitting in my mommas driveway as a decoration over time, and we were selling the house not too long after i got back, so i was pretty much forced to work on it. i towed it to my own driveway in January so i can work on it slowly, planned on having it running by summer time, so i started working on it tore it all down and noticed the cam chain tensioner was on with the double roller and it ended up breaking and popping the cam sensor out. i pulled the pan cleaned it all out took out the bracket re sealed it all up, and bam 2 months later she was running. head gaskets were still brand new and from then till now there has been much more cleaning and working and tweaking, my 3 in dp, another te44, new chip, wires, exhaust, intake, fmic, fuel pump hot-wire, wide-band, hvac block off plate, no cruise or washer sprayer, didn't work anyway, manual boost controller, turbo 6 Buick valve covers, tubular upper control arms, pads rotors tires and a nice coat of black wax. and now she runs drives minus the extreme false kr issue which seems to be bad alternator bearings and possibly a bad posi but from what it was and what you can see in the pics below i think ive come along way and had a second look at things, wouldn't of been possible without the help from all of you.

original build



the changing head gaskets till 3 am look









after i got it running






what i did this weekend to clean it all up and make it look somewhat pretty



the bottom half still is lol, and the zip tie holding my wide band harness is also temporary since i had no other type of hanger for it yet