My first pass in my 87 GN.


Oct 26, 2007
Made my first pass ever at the track with my 87, had a best of 14.61 @ 95 mph;) , that was with a 60' of 2.38, I had a pass with a 60' of 2.31 but worst 1/4 time of 14.95:confused: . I definitely need some tires the original 20 year old tires that are still on the car are hard as a brick. So I could never launch on boost without spinning like crazy. Now that I got my baseline run I need to drop in my new injectors and chip, pull out the old cat, get tires, and get a boost gauge that will quit sticking. Probably ought to pull out the 20 year old plugs too.:biggrin:

Yup, definitely need decent tires to bring that 60ft down. If it's completely stock, don't just do injectors, do the fuel pump and wiring harness too.
Pump and hotwire kit definitely in the works first, everything appears to be stock except the chip that I don't know what's on it but I had to put in 5 gal. of 109 octane with half tank of premium unlead to get rid of detonation.
Me and Bones was talking after that pass and figured that was the first time in a long time since 2 black bricks lined up against each other at that track. He was in his dads car and ran 11.55, his GN ran 9.50 @ Noble lifting 4 times cause of no traction.
I took my GN out there last season when it was all 1/8th mile. Bones was in his dad's car, but luckily for me we never hooked up, he would have destroyed me.
Keep us updated as you go. I'm starting with pretty much a stock GN also and would like to get an idea what to expect.