My latest prob....


Hey guys. I havent driven my car but maybe twice in a week and decided to take it out for a spin. I read in earlier threads that many guys are running 100% Denatured alky or Methanol with there alky set ups. I figured I would give it a try. I was running 21 p.s.i with a 70/30 alky-water mix with 0 KR. Now with a 100% detatured, and just 23 p.s.i, i got 5.9KR and O2's only at 796 WOT. I did raise FP from 43 to 45 static when I turned my boost up. What do you guys think?
Also, I want to mention that my car kinda has a hard start problem like it has a huge cam which it doesnt(stock longblock) and also when i stopped at the bank it was idleing fine then started to cough and choke and just died....think i got a bad fuel pump or something? The guy i bought the car from over ayear ago now said that he put a Walbro pump in it but still dont know how old that is if thats the case?
I forgot to metion as well that after i got on my car, the idle remained at like 1500 rpm and wouldnt come down til i sat at a dead stop for a bit??? Vacuum leak maybe?
No SES light ? If your TPS is not connected good/or at all it will idle real high like that. But, you would get a light or code stored.

With alky setups it is best to verify operation with no alky and back to low (low for alky users at least:D ) pump gas boost 15-16 psi and verify everything is right. If so then it is most likely sumthin' with the alky.
Boy, that really is starting to sound like the Crank sensor or Cam sensor. I recently had my crank sensor come loose and hit the interupter disk. The car stumbled and backfired, idle rpm went to 1400.

After I replaced the crank sensor, it idled fine but got alot KR with very little boost plus intake backfire. Crank sensor wasn't adjusted correctly and rubbed on the interupter. I also re-set the Cam Sensor and its back to normal.

- Scott
No codes thrown and tps read .44? If it is the crank sensor or cam sensor, how much are new ones?.....
I didn't get any codes either..crank sensor was $30. Cam sensor is more like $130. But first crawl under the car and see if the interupter is rubbing on the sensor. Put a breaker bar with 1-1/4 socket on the crank pully bolt. Rotate the engine and watch to see if there's contact. I hate to just replace parts willy nilly..$$$
Ok. I checked my crank sensor, everything looked fine. however, there is a little plastic piece that seems to conform to the front of the oil pan that holds a wiring loom...kinda hard to explain but anyway, that was rubbing on the littleplate with the 3 cutouts that sits behind the crank pully....dont know if that had anything to do with it. Needless to say I went out and got on my car 4 times...pulled good and 808 o2's .7 KR at 23 p.s.i ? I still think though that i need to get a ignition module seeing how i keep having hard starts. It also seems too that im running way rich only when my car has started to idle a while without getting on it. o2 cross counts are only going from like 828 to 832 and keeps doing that? Bad o'2?
Should my o2's be a little leaner than 808 @ WOT? FP is at 43 static. I swear this car has me giong crazy at times. Last thing I know its a lot of questions, my INT? is 117. GNTTYPE says 118-150 is good i believe? what does this mean?
thanks for your patience guys