My Son's New Car

New to him, has Flowmaster cat back. It sounds great especially compared to all the other ones I hear. They all sound like ass with muffler deletes.
That’s one sharp car! Congratulations to your son. The new mustangs are awesome! I bought a 91 5.0 new. Took it to the track with just 47 miles on it. Ran 14.20 all day long. I wanted to buy a grand national but I work at Ford Motor Company so my new cars are Fords. Speaking of which, if anybody is going to buy a Ford I’d be happy to get them an X plan!
I have X plan at work . I know a fellow retired from GM in late 90’s and he bought all fords since ‘84.
He recently sold it☹️But has 2 fox bodies. My youngest son has a 2016 GT. Got 3 foxes myself. Stock 90 GT 5 speed 90 LX hatch Aod and a 91 GT with 70mm turbo and Megasquirt 2 plug and play for tuning
This is my daily driver:
small 19 GT.jpg

2019 GT Premium, Performance Package, Active Valve Exhaust, 6 Speed manual.

I had an '88 LX 5.0 5-speed with Edelbrock heads and intake, a Vortec S-Trim and some other goodies.
Never ran on slicks because I had the stock 8.8 rear.
It went 12.008 at 123+ at Englishtown back in 2005ish.
Sold it to a great guy that is re-doing it.

- Jerry
The 8.8 will take a lot of abuse
I had the stock axles with a re-packed differential. All new clutches and steels, 2 used clutches crammed in to tighten it up.
Was fun trying to get the S-Spring back in, but it always spun both tires right away.
Had a friend break the stock axles with slicks and considerably less HP than I was making, so stayed off slicks.
The friend that purchased the car from me just upgraded the diff and 31 spline axles.

- Jerry