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Aloha All,
I've been quiet for a while, but I just thought I'ld pipe up once again and give a little update as people ask once in a while. I almost think other people are more interested in how fast my money hog will go than I am. :) But, I orered a new tranny with a trans brake from Bruce at Performance Transimission. I CAN'T wait till it gets here. The Art Carr tranny (which turns out is from a FAKE Art Carr company) is pretty much shot. I can still drive the car on the street, but I have to baby it. I ordered a 6 point cage from Chassis-craft with the swingout side bars. I will take it to the hobby shop (about the ONLY perk of being in the Navy) and weld it in (unless someone out there has a MIG welder I can use or wants to do it for Beer). Finally got the car running enough to start to tune the Felpro system. I did my first street tuning today with the system and I've had it for almost 3 years now. After I finish paying for the diamond I got my fiancee I plan on getting some 17" wheels and some BFG drag radials (looking at notching the frame and going with 315/35-17's in the rear), and some good performance front tires (17"). Anyone using some GOOD tires they can recommend??? I have so many modifications to the suspension (besides the motor), but it just doesn't matter with my BFG radials (275/50-15's on the rear) with the stock wheels. the car FLOATS on the tires and handles WAY worse than my mini-van :( . Anyone got aftermarket wheels on their GN or t-type and have pictures? I still haven't decided on the wheels, and am looking for pictures of aftermarket wheels on the GN/T-type. Thanks.

I believe GNSteve has 17's on his car, but recon is required, so beware if you do go this route, as far as notching the frame, you may also check with recon about this before you do it. HTH, Rob