NA V6, 14 seconds?



I have an 87 regal standard NA v6. What do you guys think I can do to get this car to run low 14's? ANy ideas would be gladly appreciated!
14 sec. V6

Your biggest problem is the weight you're lugging around.These engines are capable of that kind of power,but carrying around 4000 lbs. makes it more difficult.I'm sure you know that the more you spend $$$$ the better your time.I run an 84 mill in my NA TR7 with Edelbrock 5487 cam,4.1 4bbl. intake with the plenum milled out to accept a Carter 500.Rebuilt HEI,a good set of headers and an ANSA free flow exhaust through a T-50 manual trans and a 3.08 rear end.At 2800 lbs.the car runs 13's easily.I'm thinking about running 3.0 pistons to pump compression up to 11:1.And then......there's always nitrous.I don't have to worry about emissions.Thats a whole other story.Good luck in your quest.
Emissions are not a concern for me either., kick my ass, what is an hei?
HEI stands for high energy ignition. it's a fancy term that GM used when they had electronic ignition with distributors. HEI was done away with when GM changed to distributorless ignitions.

hope this helps

14's are streetable in a Regal, I think. It'll just take some time and money. You'll definitely need some gear and convertor to match the engine. I have gone through lots of combinations, so if you want a simple recipe, let me know. GB
I am am not sure now what to do. I still my go with the small block chevy.