Need a 3.8 Turbo expert in Houston

The Drake

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I'm in Houston and my turbo is acting odd - hiccups and all. I'd like an expert/specialist to look at it and diagnose the problem. Any help would be appreciated!

This is my first post. Glad to be a member!
I`m no expert or specialist . . but I do read a lot of books . . LOL . . Good to talk to you, I hope I was able to steer you in the right direction, hopefully other members will respond to your questions, it will help if you be more specific also. Check the Texas Region for next gathering of the TR`s
what is it doing ?>
Sorry, just saw this response. The car starts just fine, but sputters/misses under any acceleration. I can drive it around but if you play at all with the accelerator, it'll sputter. I unhooked the MAF while idling and the car bogged down. So, seemed as if the MAF was working properly at least when idling. 86 Texas T has suggested that it might be the coil pack. I'm trying to figure out how to test it. Thoughts?