Need a chip for 33# green stripes


No helmet required!
Per L. Conley I have 33# green stripes not the more common 30# green stripes. Do any of you chip gurus have a chip for these injectors? They seem to be too rich for my Thrasher which leads me to believe they do not have the same characteristics as the 30#. TIA
Should be relatively easy to do. Since you're just across town from me, if you want to drop me an email I could probably do something for you if you want to bring the car by.
Per L. Conley I have 33# green stripes not the more common 30# green stripes.

I bought a set of "36" injectors from him back in April of last year. They had a "green stripe" on them when I took them out of the box, so I called them to see what was up. They assured me that they were "36#" injectors. When I got a chip for them, set for 36# injectors and got them installed it ran real rich. When I started burning my own chip(I'm really a novice mind you) I had to set them to "38#" in Turbo 6 Tuner to get the BLM's in the right range.

Point of the story is, you may not have 33's. Jay, if I gave you the numbers off the injectors, do you think you can tell me what they are?
Theyre probably the same 36# injectors that ATR sells. I've done a lot of chips for those.
Is it normal to have to set them to 38#'s? I like being able to burn my own chips, but sometimes it's overwhelming......TIA.
Like everything there is more than one way to do things and it really all depends on the injector so in a short answer, maybe. Several of the Tomco/Lucas injectors have some funky characteristics that you have to take into account.